Badtz Maru
liebeskummer ist luxus baby!


the whole day head-ages....great and tomorrow the importaint historytest....I think I get sick....uff

and I´m sooooo sorry. Logi didn´t listen to me and I put my pencil in his leg...the next hour he told me, he put the pencillead out of his leg...uhlalala....the princess shut up.

new layout....yey, I´ve got a new Myspace layout with little elephants....and 2OC trailers....

klick on it, I love it....and I still look for this song..Oh my gosh, I love this song and no one knows of who it is....well, whatever. It sucks.

in two days is already OC day....uh the new season is not the same without marissa....*cry* well, I probably become the third season on dvd´s already out here and I want to look it...

so, thats all for today....I have to look now gilmore girls....

so see ya around, keep living, and peace out.

*die neeeeeeeeeeeeeessiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii*

ps. i love you.

8.11.06 00:50

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