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first quarter book report

English 1, 1st Quarter Book Report
5th hour
Vanessa Luka

The titel of the book is "The War Between Classes". It´s written by Gloria D. Miklowitz and is 176 pages long. It is issue on the book is in1986.

body paragraph:

The novel "The War Between Classes" written by Gloria D. Miklowitz is about class- and racediffrences in a city in California.
The protagonists are the 16-years old Amiko ("Amy" Sumoto, a japanese girls, her boyfriend Adam Tarcher and the teacher Ray Otero, who is playing with the class the "Color Game". The "Color Game" is a game, which shows in a way the american societey and demonstrate, how much eminence and fame are needed by material things. The students are divided in four groups which means different greatest meanings in the society. They become colored bracelets, which shows in which group they are. There are the blue, dark-green, light-green and at last the orange people.
Amy´s dad is against the relationship of Amy and Adam, because he wants her to be with someone of the same culture.  Her parents are too prejudice to really accept their relationship. Amy´s brother married a white woman and since that, his dad ignore him.
In the game, Amy and Adam are in diffrent groups. They are not allowed to talk to each other or hang-out. There are also the G4´s, who are looking, that no one is mixing th groups. Amy is in a upper group then Adam. After one week the hole students meet them in the afternoon and plan a "United Colors Campaign", after they notice, that the group dividing and discrimination is a stupid idea. They make new bractlets with every color and make posters like "We want to live together" and "All United". At the end, the teacher is very proud of the students, that they have solve the game on their own. Amy talk to her father and tell him, that Adam is very nice and her father dicide to invite him to eat dinnder with the family.


I choose this book because I think, you cannot talk to much about discrimination. I don´t like how Amy´s dad is working against people from other cultures.
maybe I like the book also because I´m from another country too and hope no one is thinking about me like amy´s dad is doing it. I think we´re all the same and only because of religion, skincolor, language etc. should no one be discriminated. I think its a good story to show this onemore time. Everybody says always: I don´t discriminate any people that´s stupid. But everybody is doing it-sometimes they don´t think it mean, but i think this book could be helpful. Amy and Adam are good acting in there situation and are strong together for their relationship and against this stupid idealization.

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